"Almost every successful parent I know has relied on a Higher Power, because raising good kids requires more emotional resources than any human being possesses. "

- Corrie Lynne Player

From a deeply spiritual perspective, as well as the pragmatics and success of having raised 9 of her own children and numerous foster children, Corrie Lynne Player sheds fascinating light on the minds and souls of teenagers. From diffusing sibling rivalry to dealing with everyday issues such as eating and sleeping to encouraging better listening and communicating skills within your family, she draws upon extensive personal experience to provide an illuminating look at life with teens and, most importantly, how to make raising them less stressful.

-Stacy DeBroff, Mom Central, Inc., Founder and President

Corrie Lynne Player

As the oldest of five, I had the perfect childhood for somebody who wanted to be a writer--a homestead at Kenny Lake, in the wilderness of Alaska. My parents and the crew Daddy had flown with during WWII planned to form a modern wagon train to traverse the Alcan highway. It opened to civilian traffic in May 1947. But when the time came to head north, they went alone, because everybody else chickened out....
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Devoted to strengthening families, Corrie Lynne Player urges parents to rely on a Supreme Being and develop a strong sense of humor. She gives seminars and workshops across the country on topics such as family communication skills, understanding teenagers, and child behavior.

The Players ran a special needs foster home for more than 35 years; they focused on behaviorally challenged adolescents. Mrs. Player’s copyrighted Point System, a behavioral modification program, is featured in her columns and books.

Educated in child care and family-related issues, Mrs. Player has written for national magazines such as Family Circle, Parents, and Ladies Home Journal, as well as regional magazines and newspapers. Her published works include:

Loving Firmness: Successfully Raising Teenagers without Losing Your Mind

Dreams Do Come True (the biography of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television)

The Everything Parents Guide to Raising Your Adopted Child

Watch Corrie Lynne's interview with Time Warner cable show host, Gregory Mantell. They discuss her book, LOVING FIRMNESS, and her tips for loving and guiding teens and tweens. She talks about how adolescent brains are going through tremendous changes and how they need connected, committed parents.

Selected Works

Nonfiction self help
Teenagers are part adult, part child, and part alien. "Loving Firmness" discusses connecting with your child, teaching self-control, and learning to talk to each other, as well as preparing your child for life and teaching a work ethic.
Authoritative guide for new and experienced adoptive parents. Provides timely and workable methods for building secure attachments.
Behavior modification that helps make chores and rewards concrete at any age.
The charming, inspirational, and true story of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television.
Book in Progress
If you’ve been or are a care-giver to your parents or other elderly relative, please share with me your personal insights. I welcome your thoughts on each chapter–please share according to the following chapters.
List of past Workshops and Seminars Corrie Lynne has given, and can bring to you!