Dreams Do Come True: The Utah Farm Boy Who Changed The World

Most people can't answer the question, "Who invented television?" At least they can't answer very accurately. A brief review of current encyclopedias gives credit to Vladimir Zworykin of Radio Corporation of America (RCA) who broadcast an electrical television signal in 1929.

However, the correct answer is "Philo T. Farnsworth, a 14 year old farm boy from Utah and Idaho." Farnsworth developed the idea for electronic television while plowing the family's beet fields in 1921 and he broadcast for the first time in 1927.

RCA's strong minded and dictatorial founder, David Sarnoff, lost to Philo in patent court--twice. But Sarnoff's money and power enabled him to indulge in a personal vendetta which almost erased Philo's name from the history books.

The delightful biography, Dreams Do Come True, by Corrie Lynne Player describes how one child born into poverty, with little education, dreamed a grand dream and made it a reality.

The story of Philo's childhood in rural Utah and Idaho is the story of how the humblest circumstances and the most unlikely places can nurture the growth of genius.

The book contains 26 color sketches and five line drawings. It is printed in sepia tones to simulate Turn of the Century photographs.


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