“Corrie Player shares her knowledge and experience in this practical guide for parenting teenagers. Filled with keen insights and anecdotes, it is a useful tool and a good read.”

- Rick MacMahon, Therapist and LCSW

I really like your down-to-earth tone and the humor you employ throughout. I think it has a lot of very sound advice. I would have liked to have it around to consult when my own kids were teenagers. (One of my children is still a teenager, technically--he's 19--but this book would have been helpful about 10 years ago, when my daughter entered her teen years.

- Lorraine Glennon, Senior Articles Editor, Ladies Home Journal:

“From a deeply spiritual perspective, as well as the pragmatics and success of having raised 9 of her own and numerous foster children, Corrie Lynne Player sheds fascinating light on the minds and souls of teenagers. ... she draws upon extensive personal experience to provide an illuminating look at life with teens and, most importantly, how to make raising them less stressful.”

- Stacy DeBroff, Founder and President of www.MomCentral.com

LOVING FIRMNESS: Successfully Raising Teenagers without Losing Your Mind

This is the fourth book from parenting expert Corrie Lynne Player.

Loving Firmness teaches a no-nonsense, tough-love approach to raising teenagers balanced with deep affection and a soft touch that they will respect and follow. Written with wit and a profound understanding of the teenage brain, this how-to manual will help ensure that your children become responsible, successful adults.

She begins with an explanation of the complex nature of teens. “Teenagers are part child, part adult, and part alien,” she says. They need a firm guiding hand, but this must be coupled with trust and appreciation. “Everyone wants to feel special, especially teenagers,” she counsels.

Corrie Lynne Player emphasizes the importance of teens having chores to do and being accountable to simple, consistent rules. She stresses teaching a strong work ethic, and is very firm about the need to teach religion and values to teens. She also delves into health issues including eating habits and healthy sleep habits. She teaches parents how to deal with eating disorders, brushes with the law, and other problem behaviors.

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Selected Works

Nonfiction self help
Teenagers are part adult, part child, and part alien. "Loving Firmness" discusses connecting with your child, teaching self-control, and learning to talk to each other, as well as preparing your child for life and teaching a work ethic.
Authoritative guide for new and experienced adoptive parents. Provides timely and workable methods for building secure attachments.
Behavior modification that helps make chores and rewards concrete at any age.
The charming, inspirational, and true story of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television.
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