For the estimated 2 million families in the United States waiting to adopt a child, the decision of which avenue to pursue can be overwhelming: domestic or international, older child versus younger, children with special needs—and the list goes on. This book offers all the information any potential or newly adoptive parent might need. This essential guidebook is packed with reassuring advice on how to handle the most common issues: questions to ask before adopting; bonding techniques—from newborn to teenager; adopting children with special needs; navigating international adoptions; helping the adopted child understand and cope with feelings of loss and abandonment; and navigating blended families,or single parenting. With this book by their side, adoptive parents will bond with their child for a lifetime!

If you are contemplating adoption, you need Raising Your Adopted Child to help you sort out fact from fiction and emotion from reality. If you already have an adopted child, you need the book beside your bed or on your coffee table--somewhere you can refer to it quickly. It will be an essential tool for finding answers to your most difficult questions; the appendices of published and professional resources will provide in-depth discussion of your particular concerns.

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Selected Works

Nonfiction self help
Teenagers are part adult, part child, and part alien. "Loving Firmness" discusses connecting with your child, teaching self-control, and learning to talk to each other, as well as preparing your child for life and teaching a work ethic.
Authoritative guide for new and experienced adoptive parents. Provides timely and workable methods for building secure attachments.
Behavior modification that helps make chores and rewards concrete at any age.
The charming, inspirational, and true story of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television.
Book in Progress
If you’ve been or are a care-giver to your parents or other elderly relative, please share with me your personal insights. I welcome your thoughts on each chapter–please share according to the following chapters.
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