THE POINT SYSTEM: Raising Good Kids Without Losing Your Mind

Anger Free Kid Management!

“The Point System Really Works”

By Corrie Lynne Player

“Stop that bickering right now!!”

“Mooooommmm! Jeremy wagged his butt at me!”

“Nyah! You did it, too! I’m telling!”

Arguments, teasing, and even hand to hand combat seem to be the order of the day in many homes. Child psychologists often tell parents to ignore the fighting, unless actual violence is involved. They reason that fighting is really a bid for attention; if parents refuse to be drawn into the conflict, kids will solve things themselves.

I’ve never been comfortable with such logic. When my kids screamed at each other, slammed doors, and kicked the walls, I felt like a failure as a mother. I don’t think members of families should be rude, vindictive, or nasty. But for a long time, I endured without knowing quite what to do.

Whatever your stage of parenting, my seminar on The Point System will help you confront three year olds who forget their toilet training, five year olds who are "too tired" to make their beds, eight year olds who leave the yard without permission, 12 year olds who try cigarettes, and 16 year olds who sneak out their bedroom windows.

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