Thank you so much for the program held at the Z.J. Loussac Public Library. I was so delighted that it was well attended.
Obviously there are many parents who are equally perplexed by their teens! I
went home and shared with my husband the 5 points and have found myself
chanting the mantra "Don't take it personally...remain calm," in my daily

Thank you for sharing your time, enthusiasm and expertise with our


Sherri Douglas
Youth Services Coordinator
Anchorage Municipal Libraries

"This is a brilliant, genuine, yet satisfying and sophisticated book that shows the importance of recognition and support from caring adults, while at the same time (helping teens gain needed) autonomy and self-guidance. I recommend this book to anyone who is or is planning to raise a child."
- Shmir Corzine, Lions-Quest Programs, Lions Foundation

Workshops and Seminars

Undisciplined children? Exasperating teenagers? Corrie Lynne Player can help you and your community by presenting a workshop or seminar in your area! Just send an email to heavenhelpusbeourbest@​ with "Seminar" in the subject and let her know which one you are interested in.

“Heaven Help Us Understand Each Other”
Functional families communicate without extreme anger and violence. This interactive workshop helps parents and children develop healthy family relationships through specific activities. The focus is on creating bonds and building attachment.

“Understanding and Coping with the Adolescent Brain”
Discusses current research into how the adolescent brain changes and functions. Parents are given five specific coping tips: (1) Don’t take behaviors personally, (2) Stay calm, (3) Be consistent, (4) Set clear boundaries, and (5) Establish appropriate consequences.

“The Point System: Anger-Free Kid Management”
Presents specific, positive behavior modification for children ages three through teens. Attendees learn how to use the copyrighted system, receive samples of inspirational material and workable tracking charts, and develop their own charts in small groups.

“Heaven Help Us Raise Good Kids”
Seminar takes the point of view that parents need to rely on a Power greater than themselves (as defined by particular individuals) and a sense of humor. Helping children and parents understand their specific roles in the family is critical for healthy functioning. Participants are given concrete tips and strategies.

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
Seminar helps parents deal with quarreling siblings and build family unity. Specific coping strategies are presented to help parents avoid common mistakes and teach their children to express emotions in a positive way.

“Forging Strong Family Ties”
Presents methods for connecting with extended family, which makes parenting adolescents much easier. Covers organizing successful family reunions and family councils.

Developing Self-Esteem and Self-Control
Seminar utilizes “The Three Legged Stool” metaphor for self discipline: (1) Feeling appreciated, (2) Feeling Skillful, and (3) Taking responsibility. Attendees are given specific tools/tips for helping children feel appreciated and skillful and to motivate them to take responsibility for their own actions.

Getting the Most Out of School
School is the greatest influence on children outside their homes. Seminar gives tips for working with teachers and administrators to help children succeed. It also covers things to do at home to supplement what goes on in the classroom.

“Encouraging Suitable Friendships”
Children must develop and maintain friendships in order to grow up successfully. Seminar helps parents foster positive friendships and gives tips on what to do when a friendship is destructive and leads to conflicts with family and society. It also covers what to do when a young person seems to be rejected by peers or has trouble keeping a friendship going.

“Talking Straight About Morality”
Discusses developing and maintaining moral standards in an immoral society. Parents are given tips for strengthening their children’s ability to build healthy, loving relationships rather than engaging in premature sexual activity. Advice is also given from research into brain development and the impact of drug use, including underage indulgence in alcohol and tobacco, on the developing/changing brain.

“Teaching Effective Parenting Skills: Strategies for Agencies and Professionals”
Training for case workers and child welfare professionals on defining roles and working together for optimum results. The training also covers understanding the developing brain and strategies for fostering attachment for infants through adolescents.

Past Workshops and Seminars Given

Selected Works

Nonfiction self help
Teenagers are part adult, part child, and part alien. "Loving Firmness" discusses connecting with your child, teaching self-control, and learning to talk to each other, as well as preparing your child for life and teaching a work ethic.
Authoritative guide for new and experienced adoptive parents. Provides timely and workable methods for building secure attachments.
Behavior modification that helps make chores and rewards concrete at any age.
The charming, inspirational, and true story of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television.
Book in Progress
If you’ve been or are a care-giver to your parents or other elderly relative, please share with me your personal insights. I welcome your thoughts on each chapter–please share according to the following chapters.
List of past Workshops and Seminars Corrie Lynne has given, and can bring to you!